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Floating like a dream, for joyful geometry——Remember the slow life in Chengdu

Release time: January 9, 2020

What is "slow life"? I have seen a good answer in the WeChat public account push these days. "Slow life" is a life attitude, a healthy mentality, a positive struggle, a high degree of confidence in life, and a way of travel. "Slow life" reminds people living in the era of rapid development to slow down and pay attention to the mind, environment and traditions, and to slow down appropriately in work and life. "Slow life" is not to eat together without waiting for death, but to let people find a balance in life, relax, work and rest, improve the quality of life, and increase happiness.

I am a travel-loving person. In the past, I preferred to participate in tour groups to travel the famous attractions of the city efficiently and conveniently, but now my thinking has started to change, and I prefer to experience the local life in a meticulous and apt way. Or walk in the bustling city center, squeeze into a subway that is not easy to get off, or ride a bicycle and check your phone to navigate through sparsely populated streets.

I browsed the panda video released by the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base on Weibo some time ago, and suddenly thought of visiting Chengdu once again, so I contacted my good friend who worked in Chengdu that night, and discussed about the place I wanted to go. On the weekend I took my small suitcase and set off on my journey to Chengdu.

点。 This two-day trip in Chengdu should be the most relaxing time for me to travel after work. We did not clearly plan the itinerary and routes in advance, and even many routes were investigated on-site. On the first night, I got off the subway and returned to my residence. I got lost until 12 o'clock. But I realized what my good friend said before, that a lot of fun in life is to experience together.

We drank coffee and talked about the experience of people coming and going in Kuanzhai Lane. In the night lights of Jinli Ancient Town, we drank a large bowl of tea and watched the cultural performances of the Three Kingdoms. Xilu and Taikoo Li saw avant-garde fashion, and took photos with Chengdu's iconic pandas, Brown bears, and Keni rabbits; walking, taking pictures, and watching the national treasures in the panda base; but my favorite, The most memorable is the covered tea at People's Park.

In People's Park, I can truly feel the leisure and relaxation of Chengdu people, and feel the slow pace of life. Coincidentally on Saturday, the sky was clear, the sun was shining, and we came out of the panda base and took the subway to the People's Park Station. After exiting the subway, we saw many old people playing Tai Chi and sword dancing in the park. Young parents were holding sugar candies. The child is preparing to enter the garden. The People's Park is very large. We walked along the direction of the tea house. I saw dozens of bamboo tables and bamboo chairs at the door of each tea house. Some are three or five elderly people with small platter of fruits, sunflower seeds, peanuts, etc., drinking tea and melon seeds while "swinging the dragon gate array"; some are aunts and uncles drinking tea and Sichuan hemp together; some are young people drinking tea while drinking tea The sun; some of them spend their afternoons happily. During the period, Caier's craftsmen continued to walk through the tables and chairs of the tea house. If you want to experience Bashu's Caier, you can also enjoy it. The unique skill of Caier will make you feel like electricity from your ears to the soles of your feet. My friend and I walked around the tea house three times before they found an empty seat. This seat is backed by a big tree, the position is slightly biased, and the environment is quiet. It happens that there are only two bamboo chairs, which is very suitable. We both ordered a bowl of green bamboo leaves and a bowl of Biluochun, and the waiter distributed a whole pot of boiling water. We pour water into the tea leaves and close the lid. We wait quietly for the tea leaves to stretch in the water to release the light tea fragrance. We talk about the past, present and future life plans, and talk about our own life experience, as if Mutual life has never been far away, and each other's company has always been around. Maybe the wind is too warm, or the tea is intoxicating. In short, the afternoon is accompanied by the warm sun, everyone seems to be relaxed, lazy but not scattered, quiet but not spit, a cup of tea in the afternoon until the warmth fades, the sky gradually It was dark before we realized that time was passing and we got up to our next destination. The slow, laid-back, slow-paced afternoon filled the energy for the rest of the trip.

It is said that old time was a beauty, so the old days of drinking a cup of tea at the Heming Tea House in Chengdu People's Park is definitely a beauty with endless memory. Life at that moment seemed to have a new meaning. Throughout our lives we have been pursuing happiness, but what is happiness? The definition of happiness is not always the same. It is possible that at different times in life, each person may have a different happiness experience. For me, a leisurely tea chat during the two-day journey in Chengdu is probably the happiest feeling, because there is no such atmosphere and environment in the place where I work and the city where I live. Most of our lives push people forward in a hurry, no matter what people think, we have to speed up the pace of growth, work progress, and the pace of life. In fact, if there is a cloud in life that makes you laugh, and a flower that makes you stay, it's good to be slow.

Floating life is like a dream, for joy, life is like a journey, I am also a pedestrian. If it is sunny and sunny, enjoy the leisurely clouds; if the rain falls on the window, listen to the wind; if there is love in the past, your heart will bloom with you; Every minute and every bit of life has its own value and meaning. I hope that in the future, beautiful landscapes that allow us to appropriately slow down our paces will appear from time to time. A proper slow life allows us to open our hearts and experience the truest purity of life.

(Author: Lueyang County People's Procuratorate Ho Yi Shu Editor: Wang Jin)

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