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Dry food

Release time: December 03, 2019

I was born in the early 1960s. I lived in a poor mountain village in the south of Shaanxi. When I was in middle school, we had a smooth sentence there: "Cultivating land by cows, lighting by oil, transportation by walk, communication by roar". It explains the backward situation at that time. In this situation, middle school students who drink two meals of thin soup a day can only be supported by snacks. Therefore, going home for dozens of miles on Saturday afternoon after school to get some snacks is also called dry food, which is essential for students living on campus.

It takes dozens of miles to get back to school with dry food. Usually, I start walking to school at noon on Sundays after two o'clock, because I have to go to school at six in the afternoon. But on the country road on Sunday afternoon, students' shoes wearing cloth shoes, rubber shoes, straw shoes, denim, old clothing, patchwork, and so on were seen rushing to school from all directions. If the water rises in the Qianjiang River in rainy days, it is even better to leave in advance, because there is no boat, and the locals never use a boat. When they ca n’t cross the river, they can only bypass the upstream. From the only newly built cement at that time, Crossing the river on the arch bridge, you will have to walk more than ten miles.

Taking dry food is inseparable from bags and buckets, and each student carries bags and buckets in different ways. Either carry the bag with one stick on one shoulder and carry the bucket, or carry the bag with one stick on one shoulder, or carry the bucket with the bag on the shoulder. The bag is definitely not a book. When we go home on weekends, we have to work for the family. We put cattle, sheep, pigweed, mowing, fattening, firewood, and sometimes digging herbs, honeysuckle, and picking. Acorn beans, wait for the season to sell and buy books. In this way, basically no students bring books or homework home, and more often the teacher will not assign homework.

So, what's in the bag and bucket? It's dry food for a week.

The bag contains coarse noodles, black noodles, braised noodles or steamed noodles. The thick ones are bulgur noodles, and the black ones are wheat noodles mixed with many wheat bran. There are also fried bulgur flowers, fried beans, steamed sweet potatoes, snacks, Cooked lard, salt, fried noodles, etc. are mostly used for hunger during breaks, and sometimes eat secretly in the classroom without the teacher's attention. Fried beans are mainly soybeans and peas. They are fragrant but they are farting. They are stubbornly in front of the classroom, teachers, and girls. They ca n’t help but make fun of or even mock. When eating fried noodles, you can't breathe out, talk, or face the wind, or you will be choked or sprayed out. The barrel is filled with sauerkraut or pickles that can be eaten for a week. Families with better conditions will also bring their children a bottle of fried hot peppers or fried beans made by their mothers.

According to local dialects, we collectively refer to these as "dry food". Although they are hungry at school on weekends, most of them trot home to get dry food, and look forward to eating the food cooked by their mother earlier. The half-lazi guy like an arrow was nothing in front of him.

On the way back to school, the students started to exchange their dry food as soon as they met.

你妈这星期给你拿的啥干粮? A : What dry food did your mother get for you this week?

烙馍。 B : Brandy.

我妈省下白面给我蒸的白馍。 C : My mom saved the white noodles for me.

那你拿的啥菜? B : What do you get?

酸菜。 A : Sauerkraut. My mother felt bad for me and gave me a bottle of fried hot peppers.

那到时候把你炒辣子让我蘸馍吃些,我让你吃我妈炒的酱豆。 C : At that time, let me dip your hot peppers and let me dip in some of them, and I will let you eat my mother's fried pickled beans.

那有啥问题,上星期我周四馍就吃完了,周五不是还吃你的馍来着。 A : What 's the problem? Last week I ate it on Thursday. I did n’t eat it on Friday.

B: The steamed dumplings must be eaten while hot and soft. I will eat steamed dumplings with you first, and you will eat my branded dumplings later.

A, C: Anything to say, okay?


At that time, the classmates' love was so simple, a simple meal, a dish, maybe you can miss it for a long time. It took more than three hours to arrive unconsciously.

At that time, the school cafeteria had two meals a day, in the morning yam soup or pure yam soup, in the afternoon yam soup or yam soup noodles, and took turns to eat. The green rice ticket for the soup noodles and the red rice for the rice noodles for the soup. Because the noodles are wet and dry, and they are packed together, it is inevitable to eat moldy paste soup. There was no electricity or coal in our place. The electricity generated by the diesel engine in the school could only be used for students' self-study and teachers to change their homework. Sometimes, they even burned steam lamps and lit kerosene lamps. A dormitory in the teacher's dormitory was only written after the power failure. For teaching plans, there is no such thing as burning electricity and coal when cooking. All students have to pay twenty pounds of firewood to the school every month in order to eat rice with a meal ticket. At that time, the people were very simple. When the firewood was handed over, some parents either pulled it with a trolley or carried it on their shoulders, and some students carried the firewood by themselves, often tired of breath. Twenty pounds is just a number, it is generally not weighed, and it is never required to weigh. Because anyone can see that a cart of firewood far exceeds twenty pounds.

When the teenage guy was growing up, each bowl of soup was not enough for each meal, so he had to eat it with the dry food. Put the paste soup, the students in groups of three and two find a place to squat, you eat me a bite of sauerkraut, I eat you a bite of pickled vegetables, in good condition, you put some salt in my bowl, I go to your bowl Put some lard, exchange dry food with each other, and share friendship. It ’s easy to pass from Monday to Wednesday. The hardest part is Thursday and Friday, because from Monday to Wednesday, the dry food is at least soft even if it is not hot. By Thursday and Friday, the cold food becomes hard. , Even if the weather is a little hot, it will moldy and hairy, steamed sweet potatoes are cold and eating it is also very upset. then what should we do? Poverty stimulates imagination, and there are always more ways than difficulties. We will be soaked in glutinous soup and cold sweet potatoes in the soup on Thursday and Friday. Anyone who has eaten paste soup knows how to make it thick and uneven? The lessons learned by the long-term seniors will be passed down to the lower grades.

I remember a senior student said this to me. Look at this soup in our school, drink thick with your mouth, copy it with chopsticks, soak the sweet potato and sweet potato, crush the sweet potato and sweet potato, press them one by one to the bottom of the bowl, and eat from the side of the bowl first You can't stir the soup. The gas leaks as soon as you stir, and the sweet potato and sweet potatoes can't be heated. This statement really worked, and was scrambled to emulate it.

背着沉甸甸的干粮穿梭在学校与家里来回的路上有点苦和累,但那个时候是无忧无虑的,也是知恩知足的,似乎不觉得苦和累。 Taking dry food once a week, we insisted on junior high school and high school for four years. Although carrying heavy dry food to and fro between school and home was a bit bitter and tiring, at that time it was carefree and contented. Does not seem to feel bitter and tired. 一个山沟里一起上学的同学,绝大多数都在这样的环境下坚持把中学读完了,现在在中省市县不同部门从政或经商,有的还是单位或部门的负责人和骨干力量,有的生意做得风生水起。 Most of our classmates who went to school together in the ravine insisted that they finish the middle school in such an environment. Now they work in politics or business in different departments in central provinces, cities, and counties, and some are unit or department heads and backbones. Business is booming. Only one person was forced to drop out of school in the second semester of high school because of a poor family. He is now the head of a village. He led the villagers to take off their poverty hats as scheduled during the targeted poverty alleviation campaign. His goal is so hot that we love to talk to him when we return home.

Entering a new era, with the rapid development of transportation, it is easier for those high school students who took dry food and eating dry food to meet each other. Everyone often remembers the past, praises the present, looks to the future, and listens to the party more firmly and walks with the party. , We will not leave behind on the road, and we have our confidence and determination in the Chinese dream.

Experience generates motivation, and experience is especially valuable. Although the days of taking dry food and eating dry food will never return, whenever I recall that experience, as if yesterday, I still have a lot of emotions and still make progress.

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人民检察院第三检察部 肖自春 编辑:祝长英) (Author: Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate third Department of Public Prosecutions Xiaozi Chun Editor: Zhu Changying)

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