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Small Life Themes, Big Realms of Life: Reading Su Shi's "Ding Fengbo"

Release time: November 26, 2019

Yu Qiuyu wrote in "Su Dongpo Breakout" like this: "He came from the prison with a very small official position, actually came as a tramp, with the dirty water that was poured on him by the official and literary circles. Come ... the villain is holding the master along the way, the master is holding history, and he has come all the way to Huangzhou. "

Su Shi was derogated several times, and his life calendar was Hakushu. 年) 37日这天,被贬黄州已近五年,时年四十六岁的他会是什么样的心境? Five years of Emperor Shenzong of Song Dynasty ( 1082 AD) On March 7th , he was degraded to Huangzhou for almost five years. What kind of state of mind would he be when he was 46 years old? With this thinking in mind, I walked into this song and tried to experience its inner condition.

In the preface of the essay, Su Shi wrote, "On March 7th, when there was rain in the Shahu Road, the rain gear went first, all the colleagues were embarrassed, and Yu Du was not aware of it. It was sunny, so I did it." When there was a sudden heavy rain on Shahu Road in the east of Huangzhou City, no rain gear was brought, and the chicken was drunk. The meaning is "Yu Du Bu Jue", and the core is "Jiu". I don't think there is anything about it. After I return, it will clear up soon. It is the simple scene of life, such as travelling, raining, and returning in life. This small subject describes the author's true feelings and attitude towards life, but it is full of great wisdom in life.

"I can't hear the sound of thumping through the forest, why not scream and sing." Don't care about the sound of rain hitting the leaves, sing poetry or do screaming, and move forward slowly. The emphasis is on the words "yin" and "howling". Singing softly reflects the author's sudden rain, unlike the wolverines of others, but a quiet, natural, and even cheerful and joyful chant. My heart rises, and I go straight ahead to the heavy rain. Interpretation of the tsunami in Yu Qiuyu's "Culture and Tsunami" in the 16th lecture of "Chinese Culture Class". Wei Jin famous man Ruan Ji usually likes a way of singing without words, called "xiao". Often after crying, I feel a heavy airflow rushing into my throat, often spitting, the tone is thick and melodious, seems to have no content, but spit out a heart song, more vast than any word. Su Shi's "xiao" here should also have the above meaning, that is, the mood of Yin Yin is not enough, and "xiao" must be added in order to be happy and enjoyable.

"Bamboo cane shoes are lighter than horses, who's afraid? With a smoky rain and any life", holding a bamboo stick and wearing straw shoes is better than riding on a horse. This rain is nothing at all. Go forward. "The steep spring breeze wakes up with wine, and it is slightly cold, but the hilltop is obliquely greeted." The March spring breeze still chilled, blowing off the previous drunkenness, looking up to see the sun shining on the hilltop, and the essence of it was on the word "welcome". As if this beautiful scene at the moment, is waiting to welcome this guest who came to the rain. It is in the realm of "I am so charming when I see Qingshan, and I should see Qingshan see me." When Xiao Se went back, there was no wind and rain and no sunny weather. "I went back and looked at the scene of Xiao Se when I came back. When I went back, there was no wind and rain and no sunny weather. Everything returned to nature. I am sad.                

Feeling one: the nature of a free and easy mind

I am in Jingjing, my heart is towards the sun, my eyes have poetry, and I am at a distance. 岁的他,经历了人生的风风雨雨,蜕变成为一个成熟的苏东坡,在黄州城外种地十亩,节俭生活,却写下了诸如《临江仙》《定风波》等众多名篇。 Reading through the whole word, Su Shi wrote his true feelings through this small scene in life. At the age of 46 , he experienced the ups and downs of life, transformed into a mature Su Dongpo, and cultivated outside Huangzhou City. Ten acres, frugal life, but wrote many famous articles such as "Linjiang Xian" and "Ding Fengbo". Compared to six years ago, he was 40 years old in Zhizhou, Mizhou. "Left left yellow, right Qing Cang, Qian Qi rolled Hiraoka ... will serve the bow of the eagle like a full moon, look northwest, shoot Sirius." The poems of Haomai, these six years of degraded life, forged a real temperament Su Shi. Through the freehand sketches of the life scenes in this section, his generous, free and natural nature jumped on the paper.

Insight 2: Self-confidence, calmness and peace of mind

When Wang Wei was living in Wangtian, Lantian, he wrote "Walking to the poor in the water and sitting and watching the clouds rise", and wrote the leisurely leisurely feelings that he had enjoyed. In the book Cai Gen Tan, the couplet of Hong Ming Ming, who is Ming Dynasty, "is not spoiled, watch the flowers bloom in front of the court. Go and stay unintentionally, and follow the sky with clouds and clouds" are all leisurely walks. In this song by Su Shi, in addition to the above, we seem to have seen Su Shi striding forward. The extremely confident figure is not only complacent, but also adds a calm, confident, "Bamboo The rod-mount shoes lightly beat the horse, "and even a cheerful. There is also "and Xu Xing", not hurry, move forward slowly. 苔花如米小,也学牡丹开”之心境。 At this moment, Su Shi's mentality is peaceful. Although he has been degraded for several years, the spiritual world has become more firm. It also reflects the state of mind of the Qing Dynasty poet Yuan Mei, "The moss is as small as a rice, and he also learns to open a peony."

Insight 3: Positive and uplifting attitudes to life

I especially like the phrase "bamboo stick manshoes are lighter than horses, who is afraid that they can live forever in a rain of rain and rain". Personal understanding also has the meaning of frugality, which reflects the desalination of material. Others ride my straw shoes and beat you. What kind of consciousness is this? It is a kind of spiritual transcendence. It is the life experience and precipitation of more than 40 years of stormy career. "Looking back at Xiao Xiao always, returning, there is no wind and rain or sunny." After the rain, there must be sunshine, and life must be full of optimism and hope. When something goes wrong, when you sing this word, think about it. Su Shi was degraded to Huangzhou. He said: "The Yangtze River surrounds Guo Zhiyu, Good bamboo and mountains feel bamboo shoots. " Degraded to Hangzhou, he said, "I have no home and live in peace. Relegated to Huizhou, he said: "Three hundred litchis of sundial, never leave Lingnan." Relegated to Luzhou, he said, "I will not regret the nine deaths and the south desert, and you are the best in life." He has traveled thousands of miles and walked through countless mountains and rivers, but he is like heaven. "This is where my heart is."    . There are too many ordeals in life, which is not easy for everyone, it depends on how we treat it. Borrowing a letter from Weihua Xiang, a candidate for Gansu, to the Tsinghua University Admissions Office, "Life is hard, but please believe it enough", which also makes us firmer.

It is because of such great wisdom and great realm that Wang Guowei wrote the first of the final wording of "The Words and Words in the World" (64). "The word has the highest realm. If there is a realm, it will become a high-level and own famous sentence." The Five Dynasties and the Northern Song Dynasty are the only ones here, "and placing Song Ci in such a high position also reflects their status in their hearts. Comment on Su Shi ’s poems, in the thirty-seventh "Dongpo's" Water Dragon Yin "chants Yang Hua, and the rhyme is like a sing. It is the same as the strongest!" Since Dongpo's "Shuilongyin" is the best workman, forty-four is even more "Dongpo's word is broad, Jiaxuan's word is noble. Without two people's minds and learning their words, Yu Dongshi's effect holds the heart "I also pointed out the broad-mindedness required to understand Su Shi's words. I think they probably have similar experiences before they can fully understand the emotions of the poems themselves. "Famous mountains and beautiful waters meet each other." In this situation, he also chanted his love for Su Shi. Su Shi is broad-minded, and his poems are broad, casual, rich and light, and meaningful ...

王文宾 (Author: Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate Wang Wenbin second Department of Public Prosecutions Edit: Zhu Changying)

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