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A love story with a message

Release time: August 12, 2019

No matter how distressed and uneasy, rubbing his mother's account book with both hands, Hu Moumou finally let go of his worries, looking out of the window, the green trees rolling and beating in front of her eyes. In the past, mixed with the smell of being cared for in the air, such as the mountain rushing in ...

"Thank you very much. I would like to invite you to dinner. Why don't you go and feel sorry for yourself. This pennant must be accepted." 人民 检察院的检察官从界头庙镇返回单位,一下车胡某某就从包里拿出一面写着 “黄龙检察新媒体,真心帮民困、真情解民忧”的锦旗,见潘振洲检察长郑重接过,她转身悄悄地拭去眼泪。 With the prosecutor of the People 's Procuratorate of Huanglong County returning to the unit from Jietoumiao Town, as soon as the car Hu Moumou took out a bag from the bag saying "Huanglong prosecutes the new media, sincerely help the people, and really solve their concerns", see Pan Zhenzhou's Attorney General took it seriously, and she turned to quietly wipe away her tears.

Let the heart of distant travellers draw closer to their hometown. 人民 检察院,她与黄龙检察新媒体小编张文娇通过微信已熟络起来,她从没有想过,这个她曾经熟悉的小城里,还有一群牵挂自己的人,在炎炎夏日里给她的家庭遮阴避凉、给她力量。 This is the second time that Hu Moumou came to the People 's Procuratorate of Huanglong County . She and Huang Long procured the new media editor Zhang Wenjiao through WeChat. She never thought about it. In this small town she was familiar with, there was a group of people who cared about herself. Person, shaded her family from the heat and gave her strength on a hot summer day.

Year after year, the memories of childhood have gradually blurred, but Huang Long is still the place where the two sisters of Hu Moumou are surrounded by dreams, because there is her old mother here, and her mother's hunger and cold make them unable to let go, she began Pay attention to all the information of Huanglong until one day Huanglong inspected the WeChat public account and walked into her world. Every message in it seemed to draw the hearts of the sisters to their hometown ...

Twenty-three years ago, Hu's father and his family moved to Yuexinta Village, Hongluoquan Administrative Village, Jietoumiao Town, Huanglong County. The next few children in the family, due to their mother's congenital deafness and mental disability, did not understand the care. Leave due to illness. The house leak happened to be rainy. At the age of 14, his father died due to illness, and his mother remarried to Peng Moumou, a five-guarantee in the same village. She brought her 9-year-old sister to a non-rich family in Yulin Countryside. Over time, especially after the sisters became mothers, they became more concerned about their mothers. Fortunately, Peng Moumou was very good to the mothers of the sisters and the policies of the party and the country. The rural cadres cared for and took care of them. She and her sister felt relieved.

A message lets love begin to pass. Everything was unexpected! Fate does not seem to have pity on this poor mother. On June 2 this year , an elderly man in his 70s, Peng Moumou, went up the mountain to dig for medicine and did not return all night. He was found the next day and was rescued by a doctor. The death of the elderly made the sisters worried about their mother's future life. After visiting the home only to find out that the mother Ruan Mou had lost her household registration and could not enjoy various security policies. The mother's dilemma in the future made the sisters more anxious. With hope, they sent a message to Huanglong Prosecutor WeChat public account for help.  

On June 12, Huang Long prosecuted Zhang Wenjiao, the editor of the new media, and found a message when replying to the message on the background of the public account, hoping that the hospital could help Ruan Moumou to fill in the account ...  

"The masses have difficulty finding us, that is, trusting us. We must take care of the masses like we care for our own eyes!" After seeing the message, Wang Wenxi, the deputy chief procurator of the hospital, made the first time to the prosecutor general of Pan Zhenzhou. As reported, the Attorney General of Pan Zhenzhou immediately made arrangements. Wang Wenxi nodded and responded: "It can only bear the trust of the masses, and it is only meaningful to do prosecution of new media!"  

In the subsequent period, the account of the elderly Ruan Moumou affected the heart of the Attorney General Pan Zhenzhou. He constantly supervised and often asked about progress. The attention and support of the Attorney General made Huang Long's prosecutors in the new media more confident in handling things well. Wang Wenxi, Gao Yali, and Zhang Wenjiao repeatedly studied and resolved the problem of the elderly's hukou. The goals were clear and they met immediately. The attentive, affectionate, and loving, procuratorial new media run silently seemed to be given new positive energy at this moment ... ...   Gathering small forces also brings together an ocean of love.

"Did Mr. Ruan Mou ever have an hukou? How can the hukou problem of the old man be solved?" With questions, Deputy Prosecutor Wang Wenxi led police officers to Jietoumiao Town many times while he was busy handling cases and other work. On the basis of a preliminary grasp of the original issues and policy standards, he has repeatedly communicated with leaders of relevant units such as the County Public Security Bureau, the Shibao Town Government, the Jietoumiao Town Government, and the Chengguan Police Station for cooperation and support, and arranged for Comrades Gao Yali and Zhang Wenjiao. Accompany Hu Moumou to the relevant unit to issue relevant certificates and make every effort to help Hu Moumou solve the problem of the mother's household registration.

Kung fu lives up to the people who care, visits, coordinates, and communicates again and again, in exchange for more praise, affirmation, and support, which strengthens Huanglong's confidence and determination of the procurator of the new media to do things well. To be able to live up to the trust behind this message ...

August 9 was an exciting day. After a few days of investigation, the director of the Jietou Temple Police Station Wang Shengli finally completed the final approval procedure and notified the prosecutor that the elderly accountant of Ruan Moumou can handle it. Early in the morning, Huanglong inspected the new media and his party and came to Yuexinta Village again with the nutritional products. After a simple "dressing up", he drove Ruan Mou to the Jietou Temple police station. The most beautiful photo of life ...

Watching the old man Ruan Moumou grin ignorantly, Huang Long's prosecutors in the new media also smiled at each other. This smile was full of comfort and perseverance ...

The common people are heaven, and it is necessary to manage the common people's affairs well. This is not only a proposition of Huanglong prosecutors, the epitome of excellence as a habit and the standard of excellence, but also the enthusiasm of cadres at all levels in Huanglong County and the relay of love. , A pride of people and politics that practises "do not forget the original intention, remember the mission" ...

"I want to praise the Huanglong Procurator for our new media. They are working in obscurity. Although there is no bright light, they are always warm and generous, so that the image of Huanglong's prosecution will be further heated and fermented along with Huanglong's heat. Renowned! They are really great, like them! "Talking about the Procurator New Media, Prosecutor Pan Zhenzhou said proudly.

黄龙县 人民 检察院 (Author: Huanglong County People's Procuratorate    编辑:胡安辉 Edited by Gao Yali : Anhui Hu )


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