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Yang Chunlei: Rooting Red Fertile Soil and Writing a New Chapter in Prosecutorial Work

Release time: June 20, 2019

Yang Chunlei

Party Secretary and Procurator General of Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate

, 是中国革命长期的指挥中心 , 无数先辈在三秦大地铸就了 2025 处红色遗址 , 留下了光芒万丈的延安精神。 Shaanxi is the foothold of the Red Army's Long March and the long-term command center of the Chinese Revolution . Numerous ancestors cast 2025 red ruins in the land of San Qin , leaving a brilliant Yanan spirit. Shaanxi is also an important development place for the people's procuratorate. , 形成了宝贵的红色检察文化。 The Workers and Peasants Procuratorate established by the Party Central Committee in northern Shaanxi, the Procuratorate of the High Court of the Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia Border Region, and the Higher Procuratorate have formed a valuable red prosecutorial culture. These spiritual rich mines constitute the source of faith and strength for the innovative development of the Shaanxi Procuratorate.

, 陕西省检察院新一届党组按照省委和最高人民检察院部署要求 , 鲜明地提出了“传承红色基因 , 打造陕西检察品牌”的发展思路 , 坚持政治立检 , 立足人民立场 , 深耕检察主业 , 强化队伍管理 , 推动了各项检察工作的创新发展 , 开创了陕西检察工作的全新局面。 In 2018 , the new party group of the Shaanxi Provincial Procuratorate clearly put forward the development idea of "inheriting the red gene and building a Shaanxi prosecutorial brand" in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Supreme People's Procuratorate . Industry , strengthened team management , promoted the innovative development of various procuratorial work , and created a whole new situation in Shaanxi procuratorial work.

, 把握正确政治方向 Passing on the red gene , grasping the right political direction

, 它的首要内涵就是坚定正确的政治方向。 The Yan'an spirit is an important core of Shaanxi red culture , and its primary connotation is firm and correct political direction. , 首先就是要发扬红色传统 , 将红色基因融入血脉 , 以政治建设为统领 , 坚持党的绝对领导 , 树牢“四个意识” , 坚决做到“两个维护” , 坚持中国特色社会主义政治制度、司法制度 , 坚定中国特色社会主义检察道路自信、检察理论自信、检察制度自信和检察文化自信。 To inherit the Shaanxi red gene , the first is to carry forward the red tradition , integrate the red gene into the bloodstream , take political construction as the lead , adhere to the party's absolute leadership , establish the "four consciousness" , resolutely achieve "two safeguards" , and adhere to Chinese characteristics The socialist political system and the judicial system will strengthen the self-confidence of the procuratorial road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, the procuratorial theory, the procuratorial system, and the procuratorial culture.

Strengthen ideological and theoretical arms. , 把旗帜鲜明讲政治放在检察工作的首位 , 始终坚持党对检察工作的绝对领导。 The procuratorial organs of Shaanxi insist on arming their minds with the party's scientific theory , putting politics clearly at the top of the procuratorial work, and always upholding the party's absolute leadership over procuratorial work. , 扎实学习贯彻《中国共产党政法工作条例》《中共中央关于加强党的政治建设的意见》等。 In-depth study of Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era , solid study and implementation of the "Regulations on the Political and Legal Work of the Communist Party of China" and "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee on Strengthening the Political Construction of the Party", etc. , 不忘从检初心”专题教育等活动 , 引导干警坚定政治信仰 , 不忘从检初心。 Organize special education activities such as "Inheritance of the Red Gene , Do Not Forget to Become a Prospector" , and guide police officers to strengthen their political beliefs .

Deepen the investigation of political thought. , 在全省检察机关大兴调查研究之风 , 组织开展“大学习、大讨论、大调研”活动 , 重点就如何落实“讲政治、顾大局、谋发展、重自强”总要求 , 如何传承陕西红色基因 , 促进检察工作科学发展等问题深入调研 , 积极开展全省检察机关党的建设研讨活动。 In response to the weakening of party building and the weak ideological and political awareness of police officers in some procuratorial organs in Shaanxi Province , investigation and research activities have been launched in the province's procuratorial organs , and “large studies, large discussions, and large investigations” have been organized . The general requirements of "politics, the overall situation, development, and self-reliance" require in-depth investigations on how to inherit the Shaanxi red gene and promote the scientific development of procuratorial work , and actively carry out party building seminars in the province's procuratorial organs.

Relying on red culture to cast souls. 38 个检察机关政治思想教育实践教学基地 , 强化检察干警的党史国史、革命传统和职业道德学习教育 , 推动政治思想教育与检察业务培训深度融合。 Establish 38 political and ideological education practice teaching bases in the province , strengthen the study of party history, national history, revolutionary traditions, and professional ethics of procuratorial police, and promote the deep integration of political ideological education and procuratorial training. , 组织检察队伍进行革命传统教育 , 引导干警坚定理想信念 , 永葆政治本色。 Held Yan'an spiritual re-education training and party building seminars , organized procuratorial teams to carry out revolutionary traditional education , guided police officers to firm their ideals and convictions , and to maintain the true nature of politics.

, 服务大局保障民生 Second, adhere to the people as the center , serve the overall situation and protect people's livelihood

, 其实质就是一部植根人民、依靠人民、服务人民的历史。 Throughout the history of the red prosecution and the development and improvement of the people's prosecution system after the founding of New China , its essence is a history of rooting the people, relying on the people, and serving the people. , 立足法律监督职能 , 维护人民切身利益 , 不断增强群众的获得感、幸福感和安全感。 In the new era, Shaanxi's procuratorial organs adhere to the people-centered development ideology , based on the function of legal supervision , safeguard the vital interests of the people , and constantly enhance the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the masses.

Maintain the overall situation of development and stability. 12 条措施》《关于依法保障和促进民营经济发展的意见》 , 促进经济高质量发展。 Provincial Procuratorate has promulgated " 12 Measures to Optimize the Service of Shaanxi Provincial Procuratorate to Improve the Business Environment " and "Opinions on Safeguarding and Promoting the Development of the Private Economy in Accordance with the Law" to promote high-quality economic development. We will deepen the special struggle to combat crime and eliminate evil. , 开展“青少年维权岗”创建和法治进校园宣讲活动。 Severely punish campus bullying and related violent crimes , and carry out the establishment of "youth rights post" and publicity activities on campus. , 立足检察职能 , 推动矛盾问题就地解决。 Practice the "Fengqiao Experience" in the new era , based on the procuratorial function , and promote the settlement of contradictions on the spot. , 依法降低刑事案件审前逮捕率和轻微刑事案件起诉率。 Implement a leniency system for confession and punishment , and reduce pre-trial arrest rates and prosecution rates for minor criminal cases in accordance with law.

Three major battles in service guarantee. , 重点惩治非法吸收公众存款、集资诈骗、“套路贷” , 以及以故意伤害、非法拘禁等手段催收贷款的各类犯罪 , 保障群众人身和财产安全 , 防范化解重大金融风险。 Adhering to the people's livelihood-oriented approach , we will focus on punishing various types of crimes such as illegal absorption of public deposits, fund-raising fraud, "routine loans" , and collection of loans by means of intentional injury, illegal detention, etc. , to protect the safety of people and property , and prevent and resolve major financial risks. Attention should be paid to judicial assistance to overcome poverty. Special monitoring activities such as pollution of the northern Shaanxi oil and coal fields and returning farmland to forests, illegal sand mining in Guanzhong, and land destruction by illegal construction, and protection of Qinling ecology and water sources were deployed.

Precise efforts to protect people's livelihood. Continue to carry out special case registration and supervision of crimes against food and drugs. , 重点办理影响中小学、农贸市场、网络外卖食品安全的案件 , 在食药领域立案办理公益诉讼案件 2719 件。 Deploy special supervision on public welfare litigation of "guaranteeing safety on the tongue of millions of households" , focus on handling cases affecting the safety of primary and secondary schools, farmer's markets, and online takeaway food , and handle 2,719 public interest litigation cases in the food and drug field . Carry out special supervision to assist migrant workers in discussing wages.

, 强化新时代法律监督能力 Three focus on the main responsibility and strengthen the legal supervision capacity in the new era

, 检察机关正面临重大转型发展机遇 , 更应从红色检察文化中吸收精髓 , 强化法律监督主业 , 推动刑事检察、民事检察、行政检察、公益诉讼检察全面协调充分发展。 At present , the procuratorial organs are facing major transformation and development opportunities . They should also absorb the essence from the red procuratorial culture , strengthen the main business of legal supervision , and promote the comprehensive development of criminal prosecution, civil prosecution, administrative prosecution, and public interest litigation.

Do excellent criminal prosecution work. , 有效推动刑事检察提质增效。 Deepen the reform of "integration of arrests and prosecutions" and effectively promote the improvement of criminal prosecutions. , 合理配置司法资源 , 提高检察机关量刑建议的规范性、精准性。 Actively implement the lenient confession and punishment system , rationally allocate judicial resources , and improve the standardization and accuracy of sentencing suggestions by procuratorates.

Strengthen civil administrative inspections. Civil procuratorial work has improved significantly. , 注重多种监督方式的结合和对诉讼全过程的监督。 Administrative procuratorial work actively complements shortcomings and focuses on the combination of multiple supervision methods and supervision of the entire process of litigation. , 我们还将组织力量集中办理几起具有引领性、示范性的案件 , 带动全省行政检察工作的发展 , 有效促进依法行政 , 实现双赢多赢共赢。 This year , we will also organize efforts to focus on several leading and demonstrative cases , drive the development of administrative procuratorial work throughout the province , effectively promote administration according to law , and achieve a win-win and win-win situation.

Enlarging public interest litigation inspections. , 成效显著。 Procuratorial public interest litigation work across the province has a strong momentum of development and has achieved remarkable results. , 为国家挽回损失 6.7 亿余元。 The Municipal Land and Resources Bureau of Xi'an Yanta District Court did not perform the pre-litigation proposal in accordance with the law and saved more than 670 million yuan for the country . The Qinling Ecological Protection Cases and the 10,000-acre Yellow River Wetland Protection Case were released by the Supreme People's Court as typical cases. 13 批指导性案例 , 公益诉讼已成为陕西检察工作的重要名片。 The incomplete performance case of the Baoji Environmental Protection Bureau was selected as the 13th batch of guiding cases of the Supreme People's Procuratorate. Public interest litigation has become an important business card for Shaanxi's procuratorial work.

, 打造过硬检察队伍 Fourth, pay close attention to strict inspection and build a strong prosecution team

, 也是我们不断夺取党和人民事业胜利的传家宝。 Self-reliance and arduous struggle are the important connotation of the Yan'an spirit , and also the heirloom that we continue to win the cause of the party and the people. , 需要我们正视能力短板和本领恐慌 , 以建设革命化、正规化、专业化、职业化检察队伍为方向 , 坚持高标准严要求 , 狠抓政治素质、业务素能和纪律作风建设 , 展现陕西检察队伍昂扬向上的精神风貌。 In the new era, the procuratorial tasks are arduous and arduous . We need to face up to the shortcomings of capabilities and panic in order to build a revolutionary, regular, professional, and professional procuratorial team . Adhere to high standards and strict requirements . Pay close attention to political quality and professional competence. Harmonious and disciplinary style construction , showing the prosperous spirit of the Shaanxi procuratorial team.

Strengthening political quality training. , 强化政治思维 , 善于综合考量 , 改变构罪即捕观念 , 妥善运用法律政策化解矛盾 , 平衡各种社会关系。 Put politics into the procuratorial work , strengthen political thinking , be good at comprehensive consideration , change the concept of crime and arrest , properly use laws and policies to resolve contradictions , and balance various social relations. , 除了考虑法律效果 , 更加注重政治效果和社会效果。 When guiding police officers to handle major difficult and complicated cases, in addition to considering legal effects , they pay more attention to political and social effects.

Improve team professionalism. , 培养独当一面的检察业务骨干 , 带动整个队伍的职业素养和专业水准提升。 Adhering to the integrated education, training, and training mechanism of teaching, learning, training, and warfare , training the backbone of the procuratorial business on its own , and driving the entire team to improve their professionalism and professional standards. , 邀请知名学者做宪法、刑诉法专题辅导 , 组织大规模业务培训和大练兵、大比武。 The "Shaanxi Procuratorate Lecture Hall" was opened , and well-known scholars were invited to provide special counseling on the Constitution and the Criminal Procedure Law , and organize large-scale business training and military training and competition. , 高质量调研不断涌现。 Police officers are encouraged to summarize and improve in handling cases, and high-quality investigations continue to emerge. , 培养检察业务发展亟需的跨领域、跨学科的复合型人才。 Arrange police officers to go to courts and other administrative organs to study on the job , and cultivate cross-disciplinary and interdisciplinary talents that are urgently needed for the development of procuratorial business.

Be strict with discipline. , 坚持问题导向 , 扎实开展“讲政治、敢担当、改作风”专题教育 , 部署开展全省检察系统作风纪律教育整顿。 Strengthening strict control is the concept of love , adhere to the problem-oriented , and solidly carry out the special education of "political speaking, dare to assume responsibility, change the style of work" , and arrange to carry out rectification of discipline education in the province's procuratorial system. Enhancing implementation. , 要求领导干部发挥“头雁效应”狠抓工作落实。 Seizing the "key minority" requires leading cadres to give play to the "head goose effect" and work hard to implement it. , 用好追责问责利器 , 打通检令不畅的“肠梗阻”。 The "Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate's Work Measures for Supervision and Inspection" was formulated to make good use of the tools of accountability and to open up the "intestinal obstruction" of poor inspection orders. , 让警钟长鸣 , 筑牢廉洁从检底线 , 锤炼政治过硬、本领高强、纪律严明的陕西检察铁军。 Carry out regular warning education , let the alarm bells ring , build a clean and honest bottom line , and temper the Shaanxi Procuratorate's Iron Army with strong politics, high ability and strict discipline.

编辑:王瑾) (Source: Legal Daily Editor: Wang Jin)

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