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Ganquan: a home for party members

Release time: November 22, 2018

Strengthening the party's construction has a bearing on the success or failure of our party, it has a bearing on the people's attitude toward our party, and it has a bearing on the fate of the country and the future of national development. Doing a good job in party building is always the inescapable political responsibility of our party organizations at all levels and every party member. In the new period, how should the party organizations at the grassroots level give full play to the role of party building in order to work hard to create a new situation in the work? Ganquan County People's Procuratorate has done so.

First, always adhere to the people-oriented work

The people are the creators of history and the fundamental force that determines the future and destiny of the party and country. Our party always adheres to the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and regards the fundamental interests of the broad masses of people as the starting point and end point of all work, and regards the people's support and disapproval, approval and disapproval, happiness and unhappiness, and promise or disapproval as a measure of the success and failure of all work Adhere to the fundamental standards of development; develop for the people, rely on the people, and share development results with the people, so that the people can truly benefit and have a greater sense of gain; seriously implement the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, and Aspirational goal, rely on the people to create great cause.

Second, always insist on putting the party's political construction in a prominent position

The Nineteenth National Congress pointed out that the general requirements for party building in the new era are: adhere to and strengthen the party's overall leadership, insist that the party manages the party and administer the party rigorously and comprehensively, in order to strengthen the party's long-term governing capacity building, advanced nature and purity building The main line is to take the party's political construction as the guide, take firm ideals and convictions as the foundation, and mobilize the party's enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity as the focus, and comprehensively promote the party's political, ideological, organizational, style, and discipline construction. , Through the construction of the system, intensively promote the fight against corruption, continuously improve the quality of party building, and make the party building into the forefront of the times, the people wholeheartedly support, the courage to self-revolution, stand the test of all kinds of storms, and vigorous Ruling party.

Third, the system construction has been run through

(1) Basic Information of Party Branches

(其中1名党员组织关系已转到施家庄村) ,党员中男性居多,占总党员数的70%The Party Branch of the People's Procuratorate of Ganquan County currently has 20 party members (of which 1 party member organization relationship has been transferred to Shijiazhuang Village ) . The majority of party members are men, accounting for 70% of the total party members. 人,在年龄结构方面,年龄最小的29岁,最大的55岁,平均年龄42.65岁。 There are 13 party members with a bachelor's degree or above. In terms of age structure, the youngest is 29 , the oldest is 55 , and the average age is 42.65 . 名,大学本科生13名,大专生5名。 In terms of academic structure, there are 1 postgraduate, 13 undergraduates, and 5 college students.

(2) Update the learning content in time to keep up with the times

作为深化党员思想认识,提升综合素质的有效措施来抓,认真贯彻落实党的十九大精神及张军检察长关于学习贯彻全国两会精神的讲话等内容,制 定印发了《甘泉县人民检察院关于开展讲政治、顾大局、谋发展、重自强'大学习、大讨论'”活动的实施方案》, 组织学习新修订的《中国共产党章程》、《刑事诉讼法》和《检察院组织法》及省市县重要会议精神。 The first is to adhere to the study and education as an effective measure to deepen the party members' ideological understanding and improve their comprehensive quality, conscientiously implement the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China and Zhang Jun's speech on learning and implementing the spirit of the NPC and CPPCC . "Implementation Plan of Ganquan County People's Procuratorate on " Politics, Care for the Overall Situation, Development, and Reinforcement "Great Study, Great Discussion " " activities, organized study of the newly revised" The Constitution of the Communist Party of China "," Criminal Procedure Law "and "Organization Law of the Procuratorate" and the spirit of important meetings of provinces, cities and counties.决定在检察机关得以贯彻落实。 In the study, we persisted in leading the party organization, arranging deployment, supervising inspection, and implementing the party's basic line, guidelines, policies, and important directives and decisions of superiors in the procuratorial organs.11月,共组织 召开会议20余次,党员干警 撰写心得体会40余篇 From January to November , more than 20 meetings were organized and party members and police officers wrote and learned more than 40 articles .

The second is to carry out educational activities with the theme of “Do n’t forget your original heart and remember your mission”. Go to Liangjiahe to listen to the party lecture of Liang Yuming, the secretary of the old village branch, and experience the seven years of hardships of General Secretary Xi Jinping. Dedication to the revolution.

The third is to pay close attention to organizational construction. 工作制度》、《三会一课制度》、《 民主生活会制度》、《民主评议党员制度》、《重大事项报告制度》等制度和规定。 Revised and improved the "Party Member Management System", "Ideological and Political Work System", "Three Meetings and One Lesson System", " Democratic Living Meeting System", "Democratic Evaluation Party Member System", "Major Event Reporting System" and other systems and regulations. ,按时履行组织生活会和民主生活会,听取党员意见,党组班子剖析存在的问题,开展民主评议党员,确保党建工作在加强组织建设、队伍建设、业务建设发挥重要作用。 Persist in convening a sub-committee and party member conference once a month, last party class every quarter, timely implementation of organizational life and democratic life meetings, listen to party members' opinions, analyze the existing problems of the party group, conduct democratic evaluation of party members, and ensure that party building is strengthening the organization Construction, team building, and business construction play an important role. ” ,永葆党组织活力。 The party organization actively develops young comrades to move closer to the party organization every year, continuously injecting fresh " blood " into the party organization, and forever maintaining the vitality of the party organization.

(3) Make the people the people as the starting point, and strive to do a good job of legal publicity

次,受教育人数达到千余人次,收到了良好的社会效果。 The first is to carry out activities such as "youth rights protection" and sending students to campuses, towns, and enterprises through self-organized methods. A total of altogether warning education and publicity classes were sent to Ganquan High School, Dao Town, and Laoshan Township. 50 At the same time, the number of educated people reached more than 1,000, and received good social effects.

次,专门创办“普法时间”栏目,方便人民群众随时可以查看工作动态。 The second is to take the new media as the carrier, insist that the public account is updated at least three times a week, and specially create a column for "Public Law Popularization Time" to make it easy for the people to check their work trends at any time. 发表宣传稿 150篇,其中在陕西检察网刊登19篇,被西部法制网采用81篇,被延安日报采用5篇,另外在国家级期刊《记者观察》上发表文章1篇。 Up to now, the Ganquan County People's Procuratorate has published 150 publicity manuscripts in the new media , of which 19 were published on the Shaanxi Procuratorate, 81 were adopted by the Western Legal System Network, 5 were adopted by the Yanan Daily, and the national journal "Reporter Watch Published one article.

亮未检品牌”、“珍爱生命、远离毒品 、“缅怀先烈,不忘初心,《英雄烈士保护法》普法活动”等为主题的系列宣传活动,围绕检察工作制作了宣传片《检徽增色》,并积极参与了首届平安甘泉微电影微视频大赛,并获得了优秀奖的荣誉称号。 The third is to actively carry out "public interest lawsuits", "caring for the future of the motherland, polishing unchecked brands", "cherishing life and staying away from drugs " , "remembering the martyrs, not forgetting their original intentions, and the law popularization activities of the" Hero Martyrs Protection Law "" The series of themed publicity activities produced a promotional film "Enhancing the Color of the Emblem" around the procuratorial work, and actively participated in the first Ping An Ganquan Micro-film and Micro-Video Contest, and won the honorary title of Excellence Award.

(4) Give full play to the procuratorial function, and help the poverty alleviation work

名科级干警入村入户帮扶贫困户18户。 In order to promote the in-depth assistance work, the Party Branch of the People's Procuratorate of Ganquan County has organized 14 branch police officers into the village to help 18 poor households. 固定扶贫日”,检察长王存财以普通党员身份与全院党员干警一起深入甘泉县6个乡镇开展法律大讲堂30余次,听众达600余人次。 Each Wednesday is established as "Party Member Activity Day + Fixed Poverty Alleviation Day". Attorney General Wang Cuncai, as an ordinary party member, and party members and police officers of the hospital went to six townships and towns of Ganquan County for more than 30 times, and the audience reached more than 600 people. 号文件6次,举办培训会4次,发放各类资料1000余份。 A total of 6 lectures on Central Document No. 1 were held, 4 training sessions were held, and more than 1,000 copies of various materials were distributed. It not only provided legal aid to the masses, but also resolved hotspots and legal problems that were of concern to the masses, and received unanimous praise from the masses. 万余元为所包扶的施家庄村修建了党员活动室,配套办公座椅设备,重新更换了各类制度牌匾,修订完善了各项制度。 The party branch invested more than 20,000 yuan to build a party member activity room for Shijiazhuang Village, which was supported by it, supporting office chair equipment, replacing various system plaques, and revising and improving various systems. All party members and police officers donated more than one thousand yuan to the love supermarket, and donated rice, white noodles, cooking oil, detergent, paper towels and other items that are closely related to people's lives. 个,鼓励村民发展中蜂养殖和油用牡丹及芍药、生地、菊花等中药材特色产业,在政策上为扶持助力施家庄村早日实现脱贫。 Pay attention to the development of poverty alleviation industries and donate 12 beehives. Villagers are encouraged to develop characteristic industries such as Chinese bee breeding and oil peony and peony, habitat, chrysanthemum and other traditional Chinese medicinal materials. In policy support, Shijiazhuang Village will achieve poverty alleviation at an early date.

(5) Dare to point the blade inward, making red face sweating become the norm

Pay close attention to the construction of work style, and promptly organize police officers to study the newly revised "Regulations on Disciplinary Action of the Communist Party of China" one by one, and require each police officer to make study notes. They also organized police officers to watch a series of movies on the theme of anti-corruption in the form of situational teaching. Each police officer wrote his personal insights. 在思想认识上找差距,重点查看敬业意识、工作标准等是否存在问题,着重解决干警精神状态不佳的问题;在为民谋利上找差距,重点查看干警公仆意识、服务水平是否存在问题,着重解决宗旨意识淡化的问题;在作风纪律上找差距,重点查看干警是否存在大局意识薄弱等问题。 In combination with the discipline and rectification activities launched this year, police officers are strictly required to find gaps in ideology, focus on whether there is a problem with professional awareness, work standards, etc., and focus on solving the problem of police officers' poor mental status; Look for gaps, focus on whether there is a problem with police officers ’public servants’ consciousness and service levels, and focus on solving the problem of weakening the sense of purpose ; look for gaps in style and discipline, and focus on whether police officers have weak overall consciousness and other issues.

月,甘泉县人民检察院接受延安市人民检察院党组第一巡察组为期20天的回头看巡察。 In August this year, the People's Procuratorate of Ganquan County accepted the first inspection team of the Party Group of the Yan'an People's Procuratorate for a 20- day look back. The People's Procuratorate of Ganquan County attaches great importance to this inspection. While doing a good job of self-examination and self-correction, we have further strengthened party building, increased the cohesiveness of the leadership team, and implemented the requirements of comprehensively rigorous party management and strict prosecution.13日,在延安市检察院党组第一巡察组巡察甘泉县检察院“回头看”情况反馈会上,组长王建成肯定了甘泉县检察院在思想认识、部署安排、措施力度、落实效果等方面的整改,就甘泉县检察院党的领导、党建工作、“一岗双责”、司法办案等方面提出问题,并给予指导性意见。 On November 13 , at the feedback meeting of the first inspection team of the Party Group of the Yan'an Procuratorate to inspect the Ganquan County Procuratorate, the team leader Wang Jiancheng affirmed the Ganquan Procuratorate's ideology, deployment arrangements, measures, and implementation effects. Rectification and reform, raised questions and gave guidance on the party leadership, party building work, "one position and two responsibilities", and judicial handling of cases in Ganquan Procuratorate. Wang Cuncai, secretary of the party group and chief of the procuratorate of the Ganquan County Court, immediately said that with regard to the feedback and suggestions of the inspection team, we accepted with modest acceptance, full acceptance, and implementation of rectification.

Innovative ways to do a good job in party building under the new situation

Although the party branch of the People's Procuratorate of Ganquan County does not directly correspond to the procuratorial work, it has a certain promotion role. On the contrary, the branch team paid more attention to strengthening the five consciousnesses, earnestly fulfilled the work responsibilities of the grass-roots party organizations, fully mobilized the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity of party members and cadres, and provided strong political and organizational guarantees for completing various procuratorial tasks.

The first is central consciousness. To give play to the role of party organizations in grass-roots procuratorial organs, we must firmly establish a sense of centering and serving the overall situation. Grassroots party building work must focus on the center, be close to the center, and serve the center, and use the achievements of the center work as an important criterion to test the effectiveness of the party building work in the county courts. Can we find the focus and entry point of our own party building work and ensure the correct direction of the party building work? . The grass-roots party organizations of the People's Procuratorate of Ganquan County have given full play to the role of party construction in promoting the work of the center and serving the overall situation of development. They always keep in mind to keep pace with the times and continue to develop.

  The second is to integrate awareness. 坚持把加强党员教育、管理、监督和服务融入体现在提高党员素质和能力、转变检察工作作风、提高检察服务效率和服务水平上;坚持把党组织集体领导原则融入体现在推进部门科学决策、民主决策上;坚持把党的思想政治工作融入体现在以人为本、调动全体干警工作积极性、促进各部室人际关系和谐上;坚持把严格党的组织纪律融入体现在强化部室制度管理、科学管理上。 The People's Procuratorate of Ganquan County has always adhered to integrating the content of party building work in the work of the party group center, developing ideas, and performing procuratorial functions ; insisting on integrating the strengthening of party member education, management, supervision, and service into improving the quality and ability of party members, changing the procuratorial work style, Improve the efficiency and level of procuratorial services ; adhere to the principle of collective leadership of the party organization reflected in advancing the department's scientific and democratic decision-making ; adhere to the party's ideological and political work reflected in the people-oriented, mobilize the enthusiasm of all police officers, and promote interpersonal departments Relations are harmonious ; adherence to strict party organizational discipline is reflected in strengthening departmental system management and scientific management. The grass-roots party organizations of the People's Procuratorate of Ganquan County have integrated, permeated, and coordinated party building work content and working methods with central work and professional work, so that the functions of grassroots party building work have been effectively exerted.

The third is the sense of innovation. The current era is an era of reform, innovation, development and change, and reform and innovation are the most distinctive characteristics of the era. At the same time, the grass-roots party building work of the People's Procuratorate of Ganquan County keeps pace with the times while expanding the work area, enriching work content, innovating work carriers, and enhancing the vitality and vitality of grass-roots party building work of the procuratorate. In terms of guiding ideology, the shift from a single service obedience type to a comprehensive guarantee type not only served the service subordinated to the work of the economic construction center, but also more effectively implemented the scientific development concept and provided a strong guarantee for the sound and rapid development of the economy and society. In terms of thinking mode, it has changed from empirical to innovative, which not only inherits good traditions and respects work experience, but also advocates bold exploration, courage to practice, reform and innovation. In terms of work content, from management to service, it not only strengthens the education, management and supervision of party members, but also strengthens the service to party members, respects the main status of party members, and guarantees the democratic rights of party members. In terms of working methods, it has changed from learning to indoctrination to improving ability. It not only strengthens the ideological and theoretical education of party members, insists on using scientific theories to arm party members and cadres in organs, but also pays more attention to improving the ability of party members to use scientific theories to guide practice and promote work.

(Author: Yan'an City People's Procuratorate to Oasis Gang Xue Qing County People's Procuratorate Editor: Wang Jin)

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